I’ve had some… Less than pleasant conversations as of recently. Would anybody like to civilly discuss their opinions?

2021.11.27 20:49 DuckMeam I’ve had some… Less than pleasant conversations as of recently. Would anybody like to civilly discuss their opinions?

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2021.11.27 20:49 BruhSoundEffec R6Tab API Authentication Failed

As the title suggests, I cannot use R6Tab (or any in game tracker) because it just tells me the API authentication failed. Anyone know a fix?
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2021.11.27 20:49 Wasteofspace44 What if this season had more map changes? (Details in the comments)

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2021.11.27 20:49 dylanspin My first game maker game

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2021.11.27 20:49 MrLemanski ITAP of Imperial Beach

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2021.11.27 20:49 KalenCrux Joey on Halloween

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2021.11.27 20:49 melkorbin From Vince Houghton’s “Nuking the Moon” (context: suggested requirements for an early Cold War-era intelligence program)

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2021.11.27 20:49 Ok-Assignment4777 Is there any reason I need to eat meat or dairy, can I truly go without it?

Looking at it from the view of just wanting to be healthier, will I lack anything I can’t say supplement for? What are the benefits of eating this way?
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2021.11.27 20:49 robmadden1 Christmas Crafts With Sumner

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2021.11.27 20:49 thr0WaMa Broken

I don’t know who will be reading this but I figured Reddit, out of all places on the internet, has to be the most diverse platform that I may know of and where I can hopefully find some sliver of hope.
Ever since I was a boy my dreams have never been “mild” or “light” they have always been vivid complexions that most of the time I remember. I even sleep walk and talk from time to time still.
But as I grew into an adult my dreams have gotten worse. I’m 19 now but this started when I was 18 and entered college. My dreams grew stranger, more wild. I imagined this was because I was experiencing more and thinking about more mature things like what I will be doing tomorrow (the future) or how to manage myself all on my own along with finals and tests causing stress (chemical engineering major). That was my first year in college, where my dreams could be considered still as normal.
Now before I go any further, when I was in high school as a senior I tried acid. My dreams after that were affected but sorta went back to normal I have no idea if that adds any information but I don’t want to leave anything out.
However, in my second year my dreams have gotten more worse. I got an apartment now, completely on my own and out of the dorms where my roommate would be up all night talking with his friends on discord. This would include some of his words into my dreams at times. But that’s in the past now. Here in the present my dreams have become more than nightmares and I will tell them as best as I can remember:

  1. I dreamt I was falling off a building, where you hit the pavement kind of dream. But instead of waking up when you splat I kept on sleeping, just pure darkness afterwards.
  2. I dreamt I woke up, walked around my room and a tooth fell out when I was walking. Then I ran to the mirror and my teeth were so lose I could pull them out with my fingers or push them out with my tongue.
  3. A recurring dream I’ve had is people I love and know and am friends with getting sick but I don’t. I have to watch them all fall I’ll and push their way to safety but I can’t do anything to help.
  4. I have dreamt of my grandparents house in the middle of nowhere (that’s where they literally live) being corrupted in 3 different scenarios: 1 I’m outside my grandparents house on their lawn but everything is burning and in a blur. The sky is red and everything is red. My grandparents and family are tired and sad. There’s a dog house with no dog, and a fence. I wake up. 2 I’m inside the dingy one story house with yellowed walls and the per usual. But I go to the bathroom and living areas and it’s like a submarine or ships walls, rusted and greened with a small ship light in each room. I go outside and the sky is pure white like canvas with black and brown stains like ink and coffee pulsing. The house is blurred and my grandma comes walking towards me but I can’t see her clearly. I don’t know why but I get in a open top jeep and drive out into the desert that surrounds the house with bushes and mounds. I drive so fast but the sky still surrounds me, I can see the wooden power lines along the dirt road then I wake up. 3 I’m outside a GIANT cliff entrance. But the cliff is perfectly cut, and the material isn’t stone or dirt or anything natural it is all some sort of plastic and there’s a single door between the huge horizontal slab I’m standing on and the other huge vertical slab. There’s “people” there but they do not sound or speak anything human nor look human they just are. As soon as the door opens a car drives up to me that is old but I can’t make the model, looks like a Cold War era American car. I get in the drivers seat (nobody was driving the car) and drive to my grandparents house. The sides of the roads are covered in trash and scrap and coiled barb wire, there appears to have been a war or something but the tire marks in the road are deeper. The sky is darker like it’s about to rain, and I almost get ran over by a tractor 3x the size of a normal tractor with what appears to be speakers all over it and wiring and even more junk. I get to my grandparents and wake up.
  5. I have dreamt about being in an abandoned city on a mega highway with run down and rusted cars. I sat on one of the cracked pieces of highway above a massive lake and I mean massive like you couldn’t see the other end. But the lake connected with a concrete beach and I could see the green of it, like a pool uncared for. It slopped downward like a normal beach but it was all just concrete where trashed cars rotted with vegetation. I didn’t fall in but I could imagine what was in that green vast lake: something massive and swirling with huge teeth and fast.
  6. I dreamt I was in a prison complex or something with similar architecture. When I went to the “shower” or bathroom section which was under the lower complex it was a vast maze with huge open spaces all tiled or tight corridors, either way all of it was tiled and filled with some level of steam. People were there, in some parts but in this one spot I found there was no people, just me and a bathtub in the shadows. The only light came from a winding corridor that made the walls of this little bathtub room shine like they were pearls. Everything in this one room was perfectly clean like nobody had ever found it. I sadly woke up.
  7. I can’t remember the dream but I can remember the sound I heard IN the dream. It was like a huge gunshot. Just loud and quick that woke me up in a jolt. I checked my apartment and nothing was there that moved. It was all in my head.
  8. This last dream is the most recent dream I’ve had, all the others were very vivid and I’m able to remember clearly while some may have been left out. In this most recent dream of mine I was walking along in a sort of park where I could see a gun fight happening. A bullet passed low on the ground in slow motion where I could see it: a hollow pellet, with a front and back with 3 arms attaching them. It hit the ground and as it crumpled I saw red drip and hit the ground. I heard someone say I was bleeding, I was wearing a suit in the dream and felt my hot blood dripping from the side of my stomach. I saw the bullet hole, removed the clothes back and then saw the blood. I put my hand on the wound and felt the warmth. I couldn’t feel the pain but I could feel the loss. I was being transported in the back of someone’s car, losing consciousness. Then it went black for so long, I woke up in my dream and still felt the bleeding. And then woke up woke up. Now. I know posting on Reddit is not the smartest option but I honestly don’t feel safe telling anyone else. I told my own mother the first few dreams and I worried her so much I don’t want to tell her the rest. I’ve told my friends and they don’t believe me or don’t know what to say but I can’t blame them. Any direction. Anything that could help or anything that might form an understanding.
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2021.11.27 20:49 Horror_Employment924 H: Van/Mix/Sent Ultracite set W: Oe/Mix/Sent Ultracite set

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2021.11.27 20:49 Daeldalus_ [WTB] ladies driver. Prefer adjustable hosel. Nothing pink please.

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2021.11.27 20:49 gimme_treefiddy [Nagler] Wisconsin probably won’t need that timeout later. Just an ode to LaFleur/Rodgers…

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2021.11.27 20:49 penmaster3000 [Japanese > English] what is being said in these panels?

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2021.11.27 20:49 KingSanty LFG! never sell yieldly fam!

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2021.11.27 20:49 catiehen Address search results in Google Maps...

Address search results in Google Maps...
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2021.11.27 20:49 faurpower22 Deivi Garcia RC Lot FS ($75 shipped OBO) -Breakdown In Comments-

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2021.11.27 20:49 apple----bannana126 I drew this like last night, thought id post this here also.

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2021.11.27 20:49 Bottlediggerman Luis Robert ATomic Refractor 91/150 30.00 delivered

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2021.11.27 20:49 rawasawa Are there examples of Freikorps members who were not part of the radical right?

To be clear, I’m not looking for apologia - that is not welcome here. I was just interested whether anybody in the right-of-centre leftwards can be found within the Freikorps in 1919-20? Not to pre-empt answers but potentially hoping to hold off a Bolshevik-style dictatorship with the hope of a semblance of liberal democracy, for example?
Again, you would expect these people to have reasonably moved away from this position fairly quickly, so I’m thinking more in the confusion of the early days and the Spartacist uprising.
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2021.11.27 20:49 fortunatefrog Crashing more than before?

Maybe it’s just me but I can hardly get through a game (Xbox) without it crashing since the update. Anyone else having this problem?
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2021.11.27 20:49 taylord0117 heatran raid add 8259 4157 4381 join asap

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2021.11.27 20:49 The_Minecrafter98 Castle_Craft, a bedrock medieval realm with lots of active players, a fun community, shops and a custom currency is looking for players‼️

🏰⚒Castle Craft⚒🏰
A brand new medieval themed Bedrock survival realm, with a unique play experience, has begun!
In Castle Craft, each member chooses a biome in which to build their kingdom, and begin their rise to glory. You must only build within the borders of your chosen biome. To ensure survival, you will need to form alliances and trade with other kingdoms using our custom currency. To get more custom currency you can create shops or trade with other members.
Will you rise to the challenge, or will your kingdom become another civilisation lost to the history books?
Requirements: - Must be 18+. - Must have pictures of builds you created. - Must actively play 2-3 times per week.
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2021.11.27 20:49 ddscarycowboy Game broken? Ever since downloading anniversary edition it’s keeps doing this?

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2021.11.27 20:49 Familiar_Big3322 circus boy

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