Does anyone recognise this jacket?

2021.11.27 21:16 SuspiciousPile Does anyone recognise this jacket?

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2021.11.27 21:16 INFP_DayDreams I adore the smell of banana bread baking in the oven

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2021.11.27 21:16 dmdjmddj3 Worst trader ever

Someone had a pvp moontune.I offered a pvp luxor a atk m shard a baby vari and a baby pvp whimper with metal essence. He said he wanted my pvp Sa wresoleb pvp ventataon and Sa pvp tiklipse. He never added. All this this a single pvp. I told him I don't negate with terrisosts
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2021.11.27 21:16 YoungWukong Noob vs Expert, Nigerian Cock Edition

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2021.11.27 21:16 HumblePie02 Seller wants to offer cash for home warranty?

I got a call from my agent last night. She said the seller wants to offer me $550 for the home warranty instead of having it in the contract. We can’t figure out why. They’re paying for it regardless, why would they want it cashed out? I told her no, I’d like to keep the warranty particularly because the appliances are beyond their life expectancy. But what an odd thing to suggest. Any insight on this?
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2021.11.27 21:16 Fitchrip I’m a couple weeks out from harvesting my first run of autos. I’m going to dry ice sift and press everything. Is it necessary to cure my flower after drying and what about dry sifting the kolas? Should I break them up or leave whole? Thanks, Newbie

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2021.11.27 21:16 BasedAkkarin [Almanza] Mark Daigneault: "We're probably gonna be staggering Giddey more and more."

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2021.11.27 21:16 gregglessthegoat Getting dead legs + painful aftermath

I regularly spar this big dude who lands quite an effective outside leg kick on my lead leg. I'm getting better at blocking, but when I dont it shuts down my leg - even with shin guards!
It's annoying because I want to train the next day but it f**ks me up!
Does it ever stop being painful? Any tips on helping with the pain/bruising aftermath? I can't imagine how bad a full power, no shin guard kick feels 🤢
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2021.11.27 21:16 Fortitudo500 Arc-ly (so far) opinions and chapter review tommorow but before that, A question

So I plan an making a review about the Spade war arc (so far) and chapter review for the official release tomorrow.
But before that I want to hear your opinions on a topic.
Is it possible that we won't see the other Qliphoth devils and true form Lucifero this arc or will that be for another time?
Cause the way the arc is heading now, the chances of seeing them are slightly, if not downright, decreasing.
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2021.11.27 21:16 kareem978 Just finished the methods part of the mooc and i don't really see the point of custom methods.

They say it's better for the program structure but the only thing it is doing for me is making me confused with all those methods and their parameters, like why use a parameter of another method to do some operation in this method amd return the value?? Why don't you just do the whole operation in the main method without all this variables and confusion? All i did was just too simple exercises and i lost some time trying to understand the pre answered ones and planning the ones i should answer. It won't literally take more than five minutes doing it the regular way so imagine how bigger programs look like using this technique. I didn't do the OOP part yet though. I hope im wrong and there's a use case for this.
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2021.11.27 21:16 Shrednar_ Zombicide

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2021.11.27 21:16 systematico Travelling on EU passport after citizenship ceremony

Hi all,
I am having my citizenship ceremony soon, and I am travelling to see my family for Christmas before I get the chance to get a UK passport. I also plan to renew my (EU) passport while there.
I understand that my indefinite leave to remain will expire after my citizenship ceremony. Any idea how much trouble I could be in at the border when trying to come back?
Thank you!
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2021.11.27 21:16 OrbitalVanguard Nightbirds (and probably other helicopters) can dodge AA missiles way too easily.

Helicopters are already really powerful in this game. But I have yet to hit a single AA missile on a nightbird. They barely have to move and the missile will fly right past them. I’ve seen a few attack heli’s do this put it’s much less consistent so it doesn’t bother me as much. But the fact that nightbirds are so strong yet can dodge AA missiles feels a bit off.
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2021.11.27 21:16 TheOneTrueDargus God Trunks but he's a modern day Dokkanfest character.

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2021.11.27 21:16 Mister-Perfect_ Best songs Off CLB In Order .. Atleast Top 5 :

Knife Talk, No Friends In The Industry, Fair Trade, 7 Am & The Last 2 Min Of “N 2 Deep”
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2021.11.27 21:16 misfit-zero Would like to try Deezer, having some trouble

On desktop I only get thirty seconds of each song. On mobile, the play button just brings up a list of plans to subscribe from but I don't seem to be able to play anything. Is there no method of trying Deezer before subscribing or am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks
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2021.11.27 21:16 Hot-Raccoon5886 ANOMUS impresses with statistics

ANOMUS impresses with statistics
It took only 1 second to fulfill the public sale on Scaleswap !!!
The exchange listing is set to take place on November 28th at 14.00 UTC.
I am talking about MEXC Global and Pancakeswap.
Hurry up to buy this gem and fight against the lie.
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2021.11.27 21:16 MilkingFrodo We've all been there. We all know the pain of not making it.

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2021.11.27 21:16 TeamRamrod80 Any ideas what this is in the 1 core offer?

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2021.11.27 21:16 desertstargazer M33 Triangulum Galaxy

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2021.11.27 21:16 gravendoom75 Looking for a tablet for writing and school work.

Hello! I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but I'm looking for a good tablet I can purchase for writing and school work. In particular, I always see people on my campus with tablets that have a keyboard they can type on that comes with it, and a little stand in the back for it. For now, I want an easily-portable device that I can use for frequent typing, note taking, and general web-browsing. I'm not super concerned about a pen to be included with it, but it would never hurt. I primarily would just like something less bulky than a laptop, uses windows or android, and isn't super expensive. Thanks!
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2021.11.27 21:16 N-I-K-K-O-R Dice, stop everything you are you doing and give us voice chat back.

Just please stop what we you are working on and make it happen. Please have it in the early December update. I’ve never even heard of a modern game not having voice chat. so let’s please do the right thing.
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2021.11.27 21:16 yourmancodyd SALTINE CRACKERS CHALLENGE!

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2021.11.27 21:16 Grierpooo Chisterete

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2021.11.27 21:16 revazcrater Selling ga ticket for the low!!

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