What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

2021.11.27 21:23 lizbet92 What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

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2021.11.27 21:23 lavemdelle found on a petsmart group

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2021.11.27 21:23 mattyk5002 Any Irish servers ?

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2021.11.27 21:23 WellDone101 Sorry about the last post. This one is what I wanted to put fourth.

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2021.11.27 21:23 Most_Dragonfly2890 Final heatran 9935 0984 4813 will try and add 10

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2021.11.27 21:23 libby_mov Studying in Madrid

Hey all! I plan to study in Madrid, Spain next year (for a year or a semester, I have no clue…thoughts?). I’m not worried about funding my studies, I’m going on plenty of scholarships and I am completely covered on that aspect, but I’m scared of having no spending money. How did you guys save enough? I was thinking that, if I’m allowed, I’d get a job. Is that normal for people to do as study abroad students? I come from a very low-income household so this is such a crazy opportunity, but unfortunately I won’t have any funding from my parents or family members. I’m not scared of having to work, I work now in college and I love having a job, I’m just purely concerned with spending-finances (which is why I haven’t committed to a full year). Help!
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2021.11.27 21:23 FlintTheDad What’s the best way to impress new parents in-law?

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2021.11.27 21:23 Radiant-Protection89 Club/Group in Auckland

Does anyone know of an Investor's Club or something similar in Auckland? Not a selling/shill club, obviously, just a friendly group. I am looking at getting into options strategies and it's a little boring and esoteric, and it would be nice to just share strategies or chat.
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2021.11.27 21:23 XCocoabunnyx Would it be wrong to unsubscribe after 2 months?

There a patreon account I want to support but the tier I plan to subscribe to is $15 which is a bit much for me to pay as I subscribe to a lot of patrons each month so I was considering only staying for two months For this specific one.
Would it be morally wrong to pledge with the intention on only staying for 2 month? would you be angry if a patron did this? Would you ban them? I of course plan to stay long enough so they receive both payments.
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2021.11.27 21:23 danger_noodle14 Am I just overthinking things?

So I've been with this girl I really like for a couple months now and I've known her for a couple years prior. We go to different schools and since neither of us have gotten our license yet its pretty hard for us to see each other. That being the case I try to text her whenever I can and just talk to her as much as possible. In the past 2-ish months she randomly started doing this thing where she will either completely ignore me when I text her wether it's looking at it and just not responding or just not looking at it even though I know she's on her phone. She'll sometimes ignore me for hours at a time or at the longest it can be more than a day and I have to try to start some sort of conversation like asking how her day was or something like that. And I'll normally wait a few hours before texting her again but even then a lot of times she'll just ignore me. Also whenever she does decide to respond she plays it off like it's nothing even though before this whole thing we'd both apologize if we accidentally forgot to respond or didn't have our phones just stuff like that. So here's the part that makes me think I could just be overthinking it so If I'm being honest she is way out of my league in everything looks personality etc. and she has a lot of friends including a lot of guy friends and her being the way she is it makes me think she more or less has gotten tired of me and is upgrading honestly that's not a very hard thing to do I'm not smart I'm about 6'1 underweight by like 20lbs not doing very well in the looks department really there's not much in the way of positives about me. The only thing I got is I truly care about her and these days it really doesn't seem like thats enough. Should I be worried or am I overthinking everything? Also sorry I didn't think it'd be that long.
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2021.11.27 21:23 PotatoSimp69 TikTokers🔥🧨

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2021.11.27 21:23 kdj-yjh-hsy HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO ME

It's finally my 18th birthday yay! And since I don't have many friends, (they won't probably come to my party) I'm gonna wait for at least 18 greetings to me in this subreddit 👁👄👁
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2021.11.27 21:23 Ice_Awkward Hoping for hundo next time, but cool nonetheless

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2021.11.27 21:23 BatWithTheGat Help, I'm graduating before my internship, what should I do?

So right now I'm on track to graduate in Spring 2022 with my Bachelors in CS. My school has a 1 year Masters program for CS, which I was planning to do the following year until my plans changed recently.
When I applied to internships for this summer, I had listed Spring 2023 as my graduation date and mentioned on my resume and during interviews that I had planned on doing the masters program next year. I received an offer to a summer 2022 internship with a dream company of mine and signed it. But a few weeks later, I found out I wasn't accepted into the Masters program at my school, so I will have to graduate in Spring 2022.
My concern is that these internships are usually given with the assumption that interns are currently still enrolled full time after the internship ends. I'm afraid that if I mention I've already graduated and don't plan on returning to school, or if they ask for proof of enrollment for the subsequent semester, my internship will be rescinded.
I could of course just drop a class or two off my schedule so I won't graduate until Fall 2022, but I would like to avoid unnecessarily delaying my graduation. My hope is to complete the internship, and if I'm given a full time offer starting the next summer, I can just use the free time in between off to travel or work a different job until I can start the full-time offer.
What should I do in this situation?
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2021.11.27 21:23 TabooKinks1 Shocked

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2021.11.27 21:23 lil_mikei NRG Prisma Ultra Sizing

Finally deciding on getting an NRG Prisma Ultra, should I get medium or large?

I'm 5'7 140 pounds
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2021.11.27 21:23 Large_Ambassador_248 https://discord.gg/pxXyPwmher

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2021.11.27 21:23 Knario1954 Dark-Bizarre-Gothic-&-Surreal-Art

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2021.11.27 21:23 scaptastic 2meirl4meirl

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2021.11.27 21:23 free-crude-oil If "horny jail" was a real thing, what would it involve?

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2021.11.27 21:23 professionalJew “Laying a Leigh Log”

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2021.11.27 21:23 Godzillaslays69 wow, a Worms Armageddon Complete Series (2020)

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2021.11.27 21:23 DifficultyBrilliant I had to make a coalition against it.

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2021.11.27 21:23 KeepItABuckPodcast We need subs so go subscribe…. That is all.

Love you all. Please subscribe to our comedy podcast!
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2021.11.27 21:23 eupatorusG Ordered 3 Sith art sets on sale at Amazon. Got 2 Siths and Marilyn…

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